SDN-Logo-Final-3The Saskatoon Diversity Network showcases queer culture through the organization of a Pride Festival, and strives toward building equality, sustainability, and a supportive community.


General Information

The Saskatoon Pride Festival, hosted by the Saskatoon Diversity Network (SDN), is an annual week-long festival providing an accessible space in which to celebrate queerness, fostering community pride, and raising awareness of queer culture within the larger community.The Saskatoon Diversity Network (SDN) is a volunteer-driven non-profit organization which serves the lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans-gender, transsexual, inter-sex, two-spirit, queer, and questioning community, family, and supporters. We exist to raise awareness of queer community and culture by facilitating, organizing, promoting, and presenting a queer pride festival.

The SDN cultivates community support and partnership within and outside of the queer community; we encourage and promote involvement in SDN, the festival, and the queer community by individuals and organizations. SDN is committed to a network of pride organizations on a regional, national, and international level.

SDN values professionalism, accountability, and transparency in its operations. SDN is non-discriminatory; we embrace LGBTTI2QQ people of all races, cultures, ages, sizes, abilities, sexes, genders, orientations, relationships, economic groups, and affiliations. We acknowledge and value the contributions of all our volunteers, members, and supporters.