Delilah Kamuhanda’s first experience with the Saskatoon Pride Festival happened by accident. A new resident to the city and taking classes at the University of Saskatchewan, she was walking through downtown on her way home from work. First she heard the music from afar, and next she found herself facing the middle of a huge […]


Kasey Atcheynum first experienced the Saskatoon Pride Festival as a teenager when she made a special trip to the city with her gay cousin and a group of their friends. Having grown up in a small town where there weren’t a lot of openly gay people, that weekend trip transformed her feelings of isolation into […]

Warren & Osemis

As a Two Spirit couple married for six years, Warren & Osemis (oh-see-miss), fondly reminisce on the beauty that June brings. With it being both Pride month and National Indigenous History Month, the season brings together their 2SLGBTQ community and Indigenous community alike, for a double dose of family reunions! Warren, of the Ahtahkakoop Cree […]


Like many people and organizations in our city, Saskatoon Pride has taken up the call to join the intersectional, global movements for social justice by making space for BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Colour) voices. Saskatoon is fortunate to have a wealth of thought-leaders and organizations to help us on this journey. We are proud […]

Josephine & Heather

Heather Peters and Josephine Kroeker (a.k.a Baeker Kraeker) speak of Saskatoon Pride Parade and Festival as a gathering made up of people from many parts and phases of their lives. Heather remembers gathering for the parade one year and running into people from her hometown where she grew up, people who she went to university […]

Iona & China

China White calls herself an “established Drag Queen” but that – unlike most everything else about her – is an understatement. The truth is that China White and Iona Whip are, unto their glamorous selves, an establishment of the Saskatoon Pride Festival. Over the years, they’ve brought life and laughter to the festival in so […]


Through the perseverance of 2SLGBTQ+ people and organizations throughout Saskatchewan’s long history of Pride on the Prairies, Saskatoon is becoming a beacon for unapologetic visibility for peoples of all backgrounds, genders, sexual orientations, and more! It was 2013 when Max attended the Saskatoon Pride Festival for the first time. A newcomer to Canada, he had […]

The Forsbergs

The Saskatoon Pride Festival is a family affair. Like the Forsbergs, many families attend the Pride Parade together, including the family of Mayor Charlie Clark. For Skylar Forsberg, 16, the parade is a place where she feels happy and safe, not like an outcast but welcomed and celebrated. In recent years, the Pride Festival has […]

Jon Aschenbrenner

June in Saskatoon. City streets cloaked with green canopies of century elms in full foliage. An explosion of growth finally released after six months of hard winter, pent up and waiting, like the rest of us, for the freedom of summer. Thinking back to his first Pride Parade, Jon was drawn into a colourful community […]

Melody Wood

Melody Wood talks about Pride and the Saskatoon Pride Festival at Saskatoon's River Landing.

Placed in the heart of Treaty Six Territory, Saskatoon has been in a unique position of creating expansive spaces for revitalization efforts of Two Spirit culture. For many Two Spirit community members, like Mel, Saskatoon Pride has transformed into a space of grounding, of family connections, and ceremonies of rekindling traditions. June brings forth a […]