Gender, Diversity & Equality Masquerade Ball

Date: June 23, 2023
Time: 5:30PM
Location: Western Development Museum, North Battleford SK

Details: The Masquerade Ball is set to bring healing to our Two-Spirit- LGBT Peoples within our communities. When looking back at our Programming department we have had a gap when it comes to honoring and acknowledging our peoples, I want to reestablish the connection between our identity and sexuality. This event will open the doors for BATC to offer LGBT education to our communities, whether it be Two-spirit teachings, LGBT History, LGBT Sex Education, among many others we could offer as a business.

Tickets are available for purchase by emailing or

An Exhibit of LGBTQ2s objects will be displayed in an adjacent Reception room, these exhibits will be artwork, clothing, newspaper clippings, among other archived material. We are set to have objects coming from the Western Development Museum, Saskatoon Archives, University of Saskatchewan’s LGBT Collection, Hilberg & Berk, and The Meriam Collection.