Saskatoon Municipal Election Report Card

OUTSaskatoon and Saskatoon Pride have partnered together to create a non-partisan equitably scored report card in order to grade Saskatoon Municipal and School Board Trustee Candidates regarding their plans, commitments to, and support for Saskatoon’s 2SLGBTQ+ community.

We asked each Saskatoon Municipal and School Board Trustee Candidates to engage with the following questions:


  • What is one motion would you bring to City Council that you think will improve the lives of specifically queer people, racialized individuals, and/or marginalized citizens and why?


  • Will you commit to participating in the Saskatoon Pride Parade in 2021 and future years (whether the parade is virtual or in person)? Also, what will you do during the rest of the year to help advance the work of the Pride movement in Saskatoon and its vision and mission going forward?


  • The 2SLGBTQ community would like to hear from you on what your current level of understanding is of 2SLGBTQ issues and, aside from the Pride Parade, what 2SLGBTQ initiatives have you supported in the past?


  • What is your plan to address mental health services and gaps; further how is your platform going to address the layered needs of the 2SLGBTQ and Indigenous community and mental health supports?



In order to grade, we comprised a group of community members from the 2SLGBTQ community to participate in the process. Within the working group we compiled a table to outline various ‘equity’ groups within the community. Table A (see below) is the internal working group equity rubric that granted each working group member a number of “points” based on their lived experience within said equity group(s).

Each member of the group then was asked to grade each Candidates answer(s) based on the questions below: 


  • Did the candidate answer the question?


  • Did they speak about the 2SLGBTQ community?


  • Did they speak to the 2SLGBTQ community about the question?


  • Did the candidate offer a clear plan?


  • Does the plan positively affect the 2SLGBTQ community?


Through the equity “points” system, each working group member graded the candidates independently and the total “tally” for each candidate was based on the total percentage of points. Table B was then used to determine what “grade” each candidate was given based on said total percentage of points. Thus Table A is for the internal working group and Table B is for the grading of the Saskatoon Municipal and School Board Trustee Candidates.

Table A and Table B


Which brings us to the results below


Top 3 Mayoral Candidates

Top 3 Mayoral Candidates

Top 5 Candidates for various Wards

Top 5 Candidates for various Wards

Top 5 Public and Catholic School Board Trustees

Top 5 Public and Catholic School Board Trustees

Full answers from the participating candidates: