Saskatoon Pride Festival Postponed Due to COVID-19

Author: Saskatoon Pride

SASKATOON, Apr. 2, 2020 — In response to developments around COVID-19 and Saskatchewan’s ongoing state of emergency, the Board of Directors of Saskatoon Pride (Saskatoon Diversity Network Inc.) has decided to not host the Saskatoon Pride Festival in a physical format in June 2020.

Some events may be postponed until the fall, but the situation is being monitored to see if there will be an appropriate time to do so. In the meantime, Saskatoon Pride is working hard to provide digital events that will connect Saskatoon’s queer community and its allies during this challenging time and that will ensure safety and meet social distancing requirements. The first of these, Let’s Get Digital, happens online April 10.

Saskatoon Pride thanks the City of Saskatoon and public health authorities for continuing to ensure the health and safety of the community. Future Saskatoon Pride programming will be in alignment with the recommendations of public health authorities and the communities we serve. We must all do our part to protect ourselves and others at this time.

The queer community is impacted by COVID-19 in many ways, and we must continue to support each other through these trying times. We salute the efforts of all those who are on the front lines of delivering health care, food, medicine, emergency and other essential services. We recognize members of the queer community who are serving on those front lines. You are all our heroes. Thank you!

Saskatoon Pride is grateful for the volunteers, partners, and community members who have supported us through the years and who continue to do so. Pride is important in our community. It is much more than a party. It was born out of political necessity and it continues to be an expression of the fight for our community’s rights, and a recognition of the value of diversity and inclusion in creating a caring place to live. We are all part of Pride and Pride is here in Saskatoon to stay.

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