Amy Rees

Past Chair, Saskatoon Pride

Saskatoon,  you never seem to stop surprising me with your constant support and love. The three years that I served on the Saskatoon Pride (Saskatoon Diversity Network Inc.) board—the last two as Chair and Co-Chair—were years of patience and growth for me and I am so grateful for the feedback and love throughout it!

I can’t begin to tell you all about what I have learned and the AMAZING people I have met through this community within our city and outwards. If I was to give one reason why I do what I do within this community, it is because you are worth it. You deserve being asked what you need for support, you deserve a space where you are heard and feel safe to voice those things. You deserve to feel included and loved. If I was to make one single human feel all of those things, I would say my job is done.

Cheers my beautiful city and of course.. HAPPY PRIDE!