Michayla van de Velde


Hi, I’m Michayla or Shay, and my pronouns are they/them. I’m proud to serve as the Board Secretary on the Saskatoon Pride (Saskatoon Diversity Network Inc.) board for 2022. I am a mixed settler-Indigenous bisexual non-binary person; yes, that’s a lot, you could say that walking in two worlds and two-eyed seeing is a familiar sensation for me! I was born in the Netherlands, I live and work in Treaty 6 territory, and I have family ties to the Lakota and Métis of Wood Mountain.

My personal, professional, and academic experiences and goals are centred around improving my local community – I love getting involved and making a change! In my spare time, I am a small business owner, procrastinator, hiker, tv watcher, beader, and proud mom to my five furbabies.