Tristen Durocher


Tristen Durocher is a multi-disciplinary artist and activist,  practicing music, writing, photography, spoken word poetry, and storytelling. After starting the fiddle at the age of nine, Tristen developed an interest in photography to better document his travels. Originally from Buffalo Narrows, Northern Saskatchewan, Tristen worked in his hometown as a Community School Recreation Coordinator, starting a circus program, art workshops, cooking classes, and many other cultural and recreational activities. Currently based in Saskatoon Saskatchewan, attending the Saskatchewan Native Teacher Education Program, Tristen is an active member of the broader community sitting on the Saskatoon Pride Board, performing traditional cultural presentations in schools and public gatherings, and a frequent participant in the Indigenous Poets Society scene having read at many poetry nights for the past six years. He hopes to empower indigenous youth through the complimentary practices of art and music.