Virtual Parade Music

Please read the following if you are using music with your parade entry:

  • You do NOT need to use music in your video submission, as our production team will add a music bed where needed.
  • If you want to include music, please use one of the following tracks cleared for use on Facebook, YouTube and Twitch.TV.
  • If you want to perform to music in the parade, please submit a video of you performing part of one of the these songs.
  • If you want to choose other music, please search and choose a song, then email thetitle and artist to We will then download the track with our licence and will provide you with a link to the licensed track. 
  • Following these guidelines will avoid copyright infringement, will ensure the parade proceeds without interruption by streaming services, and will add to the unity of the parade.
  • When submitting your video, please advise us which song, if any, you have used.


“Just The Way You Are” Genre: 2010s Pop.
Suggest starting from 0:45.

“Be You, Only You” Genre: 2010s Pop.
Suggest starting from 1:02.

“If You Really Believe” Genre: House.
Suggest starting from 0:59

“We Came to Party” Genre: Dance.
Suggest starting from 1:00.