sōhkisi. miwēyihta. kiya poko.

Be Strong. Be Proud. Be You.

Soyez fort.e.s. Soyez fier.e.s. Soyez vous.

Recognizing, valuing, celebrating, supporting two-spirit, queer, lesbian, gay, trans, bi, and other gender- and sexually-diverse people and their families.

Saskatoon Virtual Pride Parade

Saskatoon stepped up in 2020 when Saskatoon Pride was unable to hold its annual Pride Parade due to the COVID-19 pandemic. What resulted was an outpouring of love and support for the two spirit and queer community from across the spectrum of individuals and organizations. The parade included a segment from the Black Lives Matter Saskatoon chapter and from Idle No More. The Virtual Parade is an inspiring call to the 2020 theme of Saskatoon Pride: “Be Strong. Be Proud. Be You.”

Global Queer, Trans, and Intersex Human Rights in a COVID-19 World

The Global Queer, Trans, and Intersex Human Rights in a COVID-19 World international panel discussion was held as part of the Saskatoon Virtual Pride Festival on Zoom June 18, 2020. It was a powerful learning experience for so many from Saskatoon, other parts of Canada and from across the globe. Many thanks to Dignity Network Canada for co-presenting this event and to CUPE National for their generous sponsorship. Also to CBC/Radio-Canada who made possible Omayra Issa’s participation as moderator of the event. Watch our recording of the event.

Saskatoon Virtual Pride Festival

Black Lives Matter. We support Black, Indigenous, and all People of Colour as they struggle to be heard, valued, and respected. Saskatoon Pride vows to use its platform to elevate BIPOC voices during the Festival and always. We are evaluating our events, activities and engagement  to this end. We need to ask, listen, and act. 

We will work with others to make our community safe, welcoming, and equitable for all. Pride began as a protest became a riot and continued to evolve into a celebration as more rights were won in the fight for inclusion and acceptance. Now and in the days ahead, we look for guidance and opportunity to to connect, make change, and share our Pride.

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You are welcome. You will be heard.

You are the face and voice of Saskatoon Pride. Saskatoon Pride’s primary objective in 2020 is to create a more diverse and inclusive organization and to reflect all our communities in our celebration of Pride. All Saskatoon Pride plans for events and initiatives are reviewed to ensure they embrace these ideals.

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