Partner with Saskatoon Pride

Let’s support each other in difficult times. Be part of the Pride family.

We know businesses are hurting today. Being part of a family—including the Saskatoon Pride family—means supporting each other through good and not-so-good times. 

We want to champion you because you are a champion for diversity and inclusion in our community. Let’s work together to make a difference.

In normal times we would be first asking you for support and then offering you a benefit to make it a fair exchange. These aren’t normal times. 

If you are a past sponsor of Saskatoon Pride, reach out to us.

Let’s talk about how we can feature your business in our social media in the weeks and months ahead in ways that can be helpful to you. We aren’t asking you for money. If you are able to invest in Pride in your community this year, we’d love to talk to you about that, of course. But, if you aren’t able to we still want to show you the power of our community to support our supporters. Saskatoon Pride takes pride in you!

What can we do to help you through the challenges ahead?

We have a community that is aware of its supporters in the business community and wants to support them. Consider these statistics (from Community Marketing Inc. & Harris Interactive):

  • 55% of LGBT consumers will choose to deal with businesses that are committed to the diversity/equal treatment of the LGBT community.
  • 70% of LGBT adults stated they would pay a premium for a product from a business that supports the LGBT community.
  • 78% of LGBT adults and their friends, family and relatives would switch to brands and businesses that are known to be LGBT-friendly.

Benefits of sponsorship include:

  • shows support for your 2SLGBTQ employees
  • deepens your connection to the community
  • association with Saskatoon Pride’s strong brand and reputation
  • visibility at Saskatoon’s largest parade and most vibrant festival

Sponsorship comes in many forms. In addition to financial investment, your organization can assist by providing volunteers or marketing support. We can tailor a sponsorship package which meets your budget and goals.

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