Connect with Your Market

Vendors and Food Concessionaires in the Pride Market and Exhibitors in the Community Service Village at the Saskatoon Pride Festival connect with hundreds and potentially thousands of happy festival-goers hunting for information or a special reminder of the day. Whether you are an Indigenous artisan, a maker of unique jewelry, a seller of products that pop with Pride, the Pride Market is the hub of the Festival Grounds. If you have a message that aligns with our values, this is the place to connect with your market.

The 2024 Pride Market offers three options for siting your space at the Festival:

  • the Marketplace, near the Main Stage, on Spadina Cres. between the Traffic and Broadway Bridges,
  • the Community Service Village, west of the Traffic Bridge in the River Landing area and
  • sites for Food Trucks and Services.

Get your application in early as there is limited space and the market was very full last year!