Get involved with your community. Volunteer with Saskatoon Pride!

Thousands of volunteer hours go into nurturing and celebrating Pride in our city—during the Festival and year-round!

You become part of the Pride family by offering your time, talent, and enthusiasm. Saskatoon Pride offers you a chance to make a difference in your community, meet new friends, learn new skills, gain knowledge, and have fun! 

Join our team of volunteers and contribute the time and energy that you have available and you’ll discover a new array of social events, trainings,  recognition and satisfaction. 

Do you have lots of time and/or skills or interests to contribute? We have a job for you! Do you have just a bit of time but would still like to help make a difference? We can help you find the right opportunity for you, too!

Complete the brief volunteer application form below to be a Pride 2023 volunteer! A more detailed application is on its way, but this will do for now. For questions, email