Election Report Card

Provincial Election Report Card on 2SLGBTQ Topics

Saskatoon Pride and OUTSaskatoon have partnered together to create a non-partisan equitably scored report card in order to grade provincial political parties regarding their plans, commitments to, and support for Saskatchewan’s 2SLGBTQ+ community. We asked all six provincial political parties four questions, providing them a platform to speak about: 

We comprised a group of community members from the 2SLGBTQ community to participate in the grading process. Within the working group we compiled a table to outline various ‘equity’ groups within the community. Table A (see below) is the internal working group equity rubric that granted each working group member a number of “points” based on their lived experience within said equity group(s).

Each member of the group then was asked to grade each Provincial Parties answer(s) based on the questions below:


Did the party/candidate answer the question?

Did they speak about the 2SLGBTQ community?

Did they speak to the 2SLGBTQ community about the question?

Did the party/candidate offer a clear plan?

Does the plan positively affect the 2SLGBTQ community?


Through the equity “points” system, each working group member graded the parties independently and the total “tally” for each party was based on the total percentage of points. Table B was then used to determine what “grade” each party was given based on said total percentage of points. Thus Table A is for the internal working group and Table B is for the grading of the political parties.

Which brings us to the results below:


3 of the 6 Major Political Parties participated and were graded on the system above; the 3 parties who did not participate, after multiple communications from our working group, were given an automatic F.

You can read the full answers from the participating parties here: