Rainbow Crys, tattoo artist

Hey there!

I’m a tattoo artist (of 7 years) and freelancer with over 25 years of artistic experience under my belt. As a queer artist, I make a point of creating safe spaces wherever I go. I’m quite the introvert so I’ve always kept a low profile but… I’d love to offer my artistic services to my rainbow family. Check out some of my work and you’ll see that I not only offer quality, but also acceptance, inclusivity, and an openness so you can feel comfortable being your genuine self.

Over the years, my life has been focused heavily around art. I’ve been into drawing and illustration, painting, graphics and logo design, print making, and most recently tattooing. My current online focus is digital illustration and custom design work but you can check out my tattoo work on FB or IG @rainbowcrys.ink

As you’ll see, I enjoy working with bold and saturated colour, painterly techniques, and a strong sense of composition. I bring this love of colour to all aspects of my artistry (if allowed by the client, of course).

I’m a proud member of the 2SLGBTQIA+ community and have a drive to create a lasting impression as a queer creative. I’m also a feminist, and a mental health and body positivity advocate. People find me quirky but I think that just adds to the artistic flavour!

Featured Products

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Pride Tattoos

Let your colours fly! Crystal is always up for a bold (or subtle) pride tattoo, whether it's June or not! Always carving out space that is queer, polyam, and kink friendly wherever she goes. Visit @crystalheshkatattoos on FB or IG for more!
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Colour Portraits

Single figure, head and shoulder portrait. Colour digital painting. Makes a great gift or print it out on stretched canvas for a unique wall hanging!

Black and Grey Portraits

Single figure, head and shoulder portrait. Black and grey digital painting. Great resolution! Perfect for printing on stretched canvas for your wall!

Redbubble Shop

Check out some of Crystal's designs at https://www.redbubble.com/people/crystamafur/shop
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Custom Caricature

Express yourself with your very own custom caricature! Queer, polyam, and kink friendly! Prices vary.
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Wild and Zesty Portrait

Wanna get a little crazy? This might be for you! Let the artist's mind run free and get what you get! Electri-bowie-riffic!
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Soft and Magical Portrait

Still all of the mmmm yes but a little easy on the kapow! Add a bit of magical whimsy to your portrait. Prices vary.
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