Jo Van

Jo Van Lambalgen is a queer, interdisciplinary artist in Saskatoon, SK, with a focus on large scale geometric and abstract murals and artwork. Their background in the trades informs their work, transforming ordinary spaces with paint, simple building materials and ingenuity. Jo believes in the power of colour, and how it can transform any space into something amazing. Jo is co-owner of Alt Haus in Saskatoon, a colourful home décor, furniture and lifestyle store, which they run with their partner Miranda Young. Jo and Miranda also work together on residential and commercial interior design projects, with an emphasis on “happy design.” @althausmurals and @althausyxe

Featured Products

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Juicy Fruit

48x48” acrylic painting on canvas

Galaxy 54

Round 24”x24” acrylic painting on wood panel


24”x36” acrylic painting on canvas

Twilight Zone

48” x 60” acrylic painting on canvas